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INNSTAN TRAVEL – is a team of professional tour managers united by one goal. In our daily activities we always follow the expression: «Travel – Is to Live». We truly believe that travelling indeed makes a person complete and happy. New experience and enjoyable impressions – are long-term sources of happiness and joy. For our team travelling is not just a word but also a way of living. We are always in search for the best solutions to create exciting, comfortable, and safe tours for our clients in the most affordable way. We focus on providing a genuine travel experience and are glad to invite you into the world of pleasant memories and unforgettable impressions. We value your trust and strive for quality in everything we do. Traveling with INNSTAN TRAVEL, you will discover the spices and identity of the sunny Uzbekistan and get loads of fun. True oriental hospitality, magnificent historical monuments, and delicious traditional cuisine are there for you. Experience a unique culture and feel all the warmth of the sunny Uzbekistan with INNSTAN TRAVEL.
“See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream” – Ray Bradbury
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INNSTAN TRAVEL - is delighted to offer a long-term and mutually beneficial partnership, where open and honest communication is the key factor in reaching successful cooperation. Whether you are an established business or just starting out, we are always open to new acquaintances and beneficial partnership offers. It is a great opportunity for scaling, as well as it lays solid foundation for future growth and development for any company. In our work, we are always guided by the principles of mutual respect, professionalism, democracy, originality, and responsibility in everything we do. In addition, we believe that trust, transparency, and flexibility are the essential pillars for prosperous partnership and this is what we can offer to you. Moreover, these are necessary elements for building strong basis for cooperation, where joined forces of both parties produce desired results. No doubts that together we can reach new heights.
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