General information about Uzbekistan

The Republic of Uzbekistan is situated in the central part of Central Asia. Tashkent is a capital city of Uzbekistan. Neighboring countries: in the East – Kyrgyz Republic, in the North-East, North and North-Wets – Kazakhstan, in the South-West and South – Turkmenistan, in the South – Afghanistan, and in the South-East – Tajikistan. Uzbekistan has access to the Aral Sea.

Country Code: +998

Time zone: +5 hours GMT

Electrical Voltage:

  • Voltage – 22 watts
  • Frequency – 50 Hz
  • Types of sockets – C, F (two-pin continental sockets)

Administrative Division

Uzbekistan consists of Karakalpakstan, regions (viloyat), rural areas (tuman), urban areas, cities of regional subordination, and villages.


The official language is Uzbek, which has a Turkic origin. The second spoken language is Russian language. In some cities, specifically in Samarkand and Bukhara people speak the Tajik language. English is widely spoken and often used to communicate with foreigners. 


According to the recent data, adherents of Islam make up approximately 88%, orthodox – 9 %, and other religions – 3%.


According to the latest data, the population of Uzbekistan is 33 million 245 thousand. Uzbeks – 80%, Tajiks – 5,5%, Russians – 5%, Karakalpaks – 3%, Tatars – 1%, Kazakhs – 0,8%, and other nationalities live in the country. Majority of the population concentrated around and near water sources, as well as valleys.

Political structure 

On August 31, 1991, Uzbekistan was declared as an independent country. According to the constitution, the Republic of Uzbekistan is a legal democratic country. The head of the country is president. The highest state representative body is Oliy Majlis, which is responsible for legislation.

National currency

The sum is the national currency of Uzbekistan. There are 500, 1000, 5000, 50000, and 100000 banknotes of sums in active circulation. The banknotes depict the cultural and art monuments of the country. Tourists are advised to use cash, because international payment cards are not accepted everywhere. Also, there might be some difficulties with withdrawal. 

Climate and Weather

The climate in Uzbekistan is sharply continental. It varies, dry and arid in summer, cool in autumn and spring and cold in winter. Rainfall is moderate and humidity is low. The hottest months are July and August (up to 50 Co).

Emergency telephone numbers

  • Ambulance – 103
  • Fire Service – 101
  • Police – 102
  • Rescue Service – 1050
  • Information bureau – 109

Working hours

1. Banks: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 16:00

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

2. Post offices: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

3. Shopping Centers: Monday – Sunday, 10:00 – 23:00

4. Government Organizations: Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 18:00

Weekend: Saturday and Sunday

Internet and Mobile communication

Mobile internet is widely used. Internet speed in large cities is quite high, which allows you to quickly open websites, chat in messengers, and stream online videos. Mobile operators work daily to ensure high-quality communications. Currently, 3G and 4G (LTE) technologies are available. There is considerable number of WiFI zones in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, etc.

Nowadays, there are 5 mobile communication operators; those are Beeline Uzbekistan, Ucell, Perfectum Mobile, Uzmobile, and Mobiuz. You can connect to mobile communications at a company office or any paynet points. Moreover, in airports, train stations and other public places you can buy a tourist SIM card. In order to get the SIM card you should have a passport with you. Also, you can replenish the SIM card’s balance at any paynet point. 

National holidays and weekend

Weekends: Saturday and Sunday

National holidays:

January 1 – New Year

March 8 – International Women’s Day

March 21 – Navruz

May 8 – Memorial Day

September 1 – Independence Day

December 8 – Constitution Day

Celebrations of Muslim holidays are being changed every year in accordance with the Islamic calendar. 

Environment and historical monuments

Many sights of Uzbekistan are part of the world historical heritage. In all tourist attractions, cleaning and restoration works are constantly carried out to maintain the monuments in the best possible way. Responsibility for preserving ecologically clean environment also falls on tourists visiting Uzbekistan. It is forbidden to throw garbage anywhere and is strongly recommended to use trash boxes. Kindly remember, for non-compliance with basic environmental regulations, tourist police can issue a fine.