Uzbekistan: “Open Sky” Mode

13.08.19. According to the decree of the President of Uzbekistan on the development of the tourism industry, from October 1 of this year, the “Open Sky” mode will be introduced at the international airports of Karshi, Nukus, Termez, and Bukhara. The “Open Sky” mode will be executed by taking into account all the necessary legal norms and applications of the fifth air freedom. 

According to an expert, this is the key point in liberalizing access and facilitating the employment of Uzbekistan’s airways for foreign airlines. Moreover, other benefits of the regime are transit flights, independent pricing policy and route planning, as well as the absence of strict restrictions on the types of aircraft and their capacities. As a result, given activities will increase passengers’ traffic, lower airfare, increase the number of tourists, and create new jobs. It will positively influence the tourism industry, as well as the country’s entire economy.

Zafarjon Vakhidov, the head of the department for promoting the improvement of the transportation system of State committee for tourism development, commented: “ The Open Sky mode will be beneficial in terms of strengthening the country’s civil aviation, satisfying the growing need of the population for the diversified and affordable air tickets and cargo transportation. Also, the mode will ensure a high level of flight safety due to the rejuvenation of the fleet. At the same time, the modernization will expand the geography of the flights through transit between Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Moreover, the given mode will bring a significant reduction in airfare, the development of domestic low-cost airlines, as well as attract international aviation management companies.”