Lonely Planet selects Central Asia as a must-visit tourist destination in 2020

03.01.2020. Well-known American-Australian travel guide - Lonely Planet, highly recommends every traveler to visit countries of Central Asia, including Uzbekistan in 2020. Lonely Planet noted about this in its annual ranking of the best places to travel in 2020.

The World Travel Guide recommends exploring the architectural monuments of Bukhara, horse-riding along the high Amir, and exploring other cities of the Great Silk Road. Moreover, in each city, tourists will find interesting entertainment programs, delicious traditional cuisine and, of course, true oriental hospitality.

Uzbekistan was first included in the Lonely Planet ranking in 2018 and took second place in the Asian region. In 2019, Uzbekistan was also included in the list of countries that must be visited and was called the cradle of culture with a thousand-year history.

The article says that Central Asia, once enriched by world trade and travelers, is again in the center of the world attention. According to experts of the publication, the prerequisites for the selection of Central Asia for the 2020 region were massive reforms aimed at transforming the infrastructure and the tourism sector as a whole.

The Top 10 countries to visit in 2020 also included Italy (Marche), Japan (Touhoku), USA (Maine), Australia (Lord Howe), China (Guizhou), Spain (Bahia de Cadiz), North-East Argentina, Croatia (Kvarner Bay) and the Brazilian Amazon.


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