Uzbekistan took 46th place in the world and 1st place among CIS countries in the ranking of safe countries for tourists

7.02.2020. Recently French portal “Insurly” has revealed ranking results of safe countries for tourism. Countries were selected according to such criteria as the likelihood of natural disasters, level of development of health system, crime rates, situation with terrorism and transport risks.

Uzbekistan received 70.3 points, taking 46th place among 180 countries in the world and leading position among the CIS countries. Among the selection criteria, there were noted low probability of natural disasters and violence, good healthcare infrastructure, low transport risks, and zero terrorist danger was emphasized separately. However, the level of atmospheric air pollution is higher than the established norm.

The safest country for travelers is Switzerland. On the second place is Singapore, which scored 92.7 points and the third leader is Norway with 91.1 points. Also, the top ten countries included Luxembourg, Cyprus, Iceland, Denmark, Portugal, Finland and Japan.

As for the CIS countries, Uzbekistan took the first place. Next on the list are Belarus, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine, Russia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. 

The most dangerous countries, according to the rating in 2020 are the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.