International Festival of Cultures “Tyubeteyka” was held in Moscow

16.02.2020. From 13 to 16 of February, the third International Festival of Cultures, called “Tyubeteyka” was held in Moscow in the trade and exhibition center. It brought together craftsmen from such countries as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan, Georgia, Russia, Azerbaijan and Dagestan.

This project allowed gathering on one platform artisans from many countries, who demonstrated their skills, talents, historical and cultural heritage.

15 stands represented Uzbekistan at the festival, presenting Bukhara carpets and embossing, Rishtan and Gijduvan ceramics, Uzbek jewelry, Chust knives, Margilan silk and many other handicrafts.

Also, within the framework of this festival, participants from Uzbekistan, under the leadership of the talented chef Hakim Ganiev, prepared the largest portion of the lagman in the world, weighing 797 kg. A new record was registered by the International Record Agency “Interrecord”. Visitors of the event were curious about why lagman was chosen among other Uzbek dishes. The organizer of the project, Fatima Arifzhanova, explained that one of the goals of this festival is to blur the boundaries between nations, and since lagman is a national dish in many CIS countries, it is therefore ideally suited to achieve the goal.

The festival was organized by “Region Production Studio” LLC in conjunction with the State Committee for Tourism Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The eventful program of the festival included performances by folklore ensembles, performances based on ethnic fairy tales, film screenings about the cultural heritage of different countries, lectures, master classes and fashion shows.