A four-star hotel will be built for the SCO’s summit in Samarkand

12.08.2019. According to the latest information, the administrative building, which belongs to the Joint-Stock Company “Samarkand Business Center” will be reconstructed into a four-star hotel. The building is located in Samarkand, specifically on Kuk-Saray Square.  

This reconstruction is a part of investment projects, which aims to develop the city’s infrastructure and prepare for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit in 2022. The fourteen-floor building is planned to be reconstructed into seven floors, with further upgrading of the existing infrastructure in order to meet international hotel standards.

According to the project plan, construction rights are issued to the Austrian company  «Seid Sulo Energy and Industrial Development», which already owns 20% shares of the joint-stock. The company is expected to acquire additional 30.1% shares, reported STV.