A tourist police patrol in the streets of Tashkent

6.08.2019. According to the decree on the implementation of the Tourism Safety Concept, signed by the President of Uzbekistan in March of this year, the city hall reports that the project came into force. There are 10 tourist police officers, which started inspecting areas around the landmarks of the city. At the moment, the approved staffs are working in a test mode.

From September 2019, the tourist police, with a staff of 40 employees, will patrol the streets of Tashkent. They will be equipped with appropriate vehicles, uniforms, and the other necessary equipment.

The tourism development department of the city hall together with the Tashkent Main Department of Internal Affairs together developed the uniform and an emblem for the patrol. Also, they jointly completed equipping the personnel and fleet with scooters, motorcycles, cars, and buses. Moreover, negotiations were held with the departments of tourist police of Samarkand and Bukhara for experience exchange.

Source: Podrobno.uz