The authors of the popular Italian travel blog “The Lost Avocado” presented a video about Uzbekistan

16.07.2019. In April of 2019, the authors of popular Italian blog visited Uzbekistan to present to the world new travel destination. After the visit, the authors published the video, which can be watched here.

The travel blog of Sarah Izza and Timur Tugalev is among the top ten travel blogs in Italy. Sarah is a travel writer who writes for the word’s most popular publishers. Timur is a talented director who creates high-quality video content for the blog. Together, it is a powerful team that has won a considerable amount of awards and prizes, as well as earned worldwide recognition in the respected field.

The bloggers began their journey from the Ferghana Valley and continued through other magnificent and historical cities of Uzbekistan. By the end of the journey, Sarah and Timur noted that they had enough materials to create a full-length film and even for an entire book.