Representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies prefer spending holidays in Uzbekistan

16.07.2019. Recently, the news agency AH, citing the Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Adbulhakimov’s comments, reported that a large number of representatives of Russian law enforcement agencies prefer to spend their vacation, specifically in Uzbekistan.   

“Uzbekistan is one of the few countries that military personnel and law enforcement officers of the Russian Federation are allowed to travel. The list of countries is limited and we can observe that there is a large tourist flow coming from Russia. We work purposefully with the country’s relevant structures to increase the number” – noted Aziz Abdulhakimov. According to the results of an international study, Russian tourists are included in the list of the most generous tourist in the world.

Corresponding to the statistics, Russian tourists spend a significant amount of money, which is considered to be among high rates. Also, A. Abdulhakimov said that today the planes are crowded with tourists. Previously, a greater number of passengers were migrants. Currently, the majority are tourists, which is a positive sign and prerequisites for creating better service, as well as improving the infrastructure in the country.