Nizamiddin Mir Alisher Navoy’s 10 wise quotes about life…

Uzbekistan can be proud of the cultural and spiritual heritage that the great scientists, thinkers, philosophers, masters and statesmen of different eras left behind. These are not only material values that have been preserved to this day, but also spiritual treasures, faceted by time. Those are philosophy, ideology, poems, essays, original laconic thoughts and sayings, which seem to reflect the whole world and centuries-old wisdom.

It is amazing how many centuries ago, previous generations have found answers to questions that millions of people today are puzzled over. One of the greatest examples is the work of the outstanding Uzbek poet, thinker and statesman Nizamiddin Mir Alisher Navoi (1441-1501). Alisher Navoi was remembered in history not only as the ruler of a prosperous state, but also as a figure of literature and art, to which he devoted almost his entire life. Moreover, the unique legacy that the outstanding scientist has left for future generations today is a fount of knowledge, life experience and practical wisdom, which we sometimes lack. The priceless aphorisms of Alisher Navoy are presented to your attention:

  • “He be a scholar who asks what he knows not. He’ll be an evil doer for himself if of shame he asks not.”
  • “Learning by little portions makes you witty and wise, as drops getting together makes rivers and oceans.”
  • “Loving that is not lasting is a mistake.”
  • “For nightingale to sing if you want to know, a thorn field is far better than the gold cage.”
  • “A silly man is not a friend, in his false stories believe not. Lest you be a wrong doer in the wrong path.”
  •  “If you can’t do good for others, never dare to do wrong for others.”
  •  “Happy is the man who has been hurt by thousands of thorns. And finally found a flower of his spirit and soul.”
  • “Don’t make yourself fool by speaking too much. Don’t make yourself an animal by eating too much.” 
  • “Wisdom and knowledge are man’s best adornments.”
  • “Don’t waste the time and work. Be aware that key to happiness is work.”

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